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Module 3 – Serving Customers with Disabilities

Image of a customer with disabilities who has a support personCustomers with Disabilities Who Have Support Persons

Who is a support person?

A support person is someone either hired or chosen to help a person with a disability. A support person can be a personal support worker, a volunteer, a family member or spouse or a friend of the person with the disability. A support person in some cases does not necessarily need to have special training or qualifications.

Under the customer service standard, universities must permit persons with disabilities to be accompanied and assisted by their support persons while accessing goods or services.

Did you Know

Under the customer service standard, whether to charge admission fees to support persons would not extend to fees like tuition. As well, students with disabilities staying in residences requiring overnight personal care attendants would normally not be charged for two rooms.

While the standard permits organizations to levy admission fees for support persons, perhaps your university may consider situations where it may waive this requirement for the purposes of enhancing access to the service for persons with disabilities. For example, residence staff hosting “movie night” to raise money for charity would set a good example by waiving admission fees for support persons.






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