"Project Management" in Research



Trouble managing your research project?

Workshops offered by Altitude are reserved exclusively to graduate students, doctoral and postdoctoral fellows. A fee may be charged in case of non-excused absence.

Who should attend this workshop?  You are about to start your research activities/project and you would like to maximize the management of all components of your research activities!

This workshop will provide participants with an overview and guidance on “project management principles” related to managing “research activities” within a research project or a series of research projects within an innovative and creative environment.

Workshop participants will also review and discuss project management principles related to research, research activities, measuring research progress, managing teams, etc. within a creative and an intensive research environment.

* It is strongly recommend to take part in workshop 1 before the other 2. Workshops 2 and 3 can be taken separately but are certainly complementary.

In order to have an overall perspective on what research and the management of a research project are, participation in all 3 workshops is recommended.

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