Transportation of Dangerous Goods



The Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG) is regulated within Canada and the TDG Act and Regulations and requires that anyone who handles, offers for transport or transports dangerous goods must be trained.
These activities involve classifying the material, ensuring appropriate containment and packaging, completing the appropriate documentation and/or transporting.
The University is offering on line training that complies with the regulations. This course covers issues such as:

• An overview of the TDG requirements
• Responsibilities of shippers, handlers and drivers
• Classes of dangerous goods
• Shipping documents
• Safety marks
• Containers
• Special situations
• Emergency actions

• On line training allows you to begin your training in minutes,
• Start and stop training at your convenience,
• Printable TDG certificate upon successful completion of the exam,
• 24/7 365 access to online training, and has
• Printable resources for easy reference

Anyone whose position requires one to classify, package, offer for transport, or transport a dangerous good must attend this training. (Note although trained to transport you may not be authorized to do so without the necessary approvals and insurance being obtained.)

Register on line for this course using the University of Ottawa CODL System . Once a registration has been received you will receive an email with a user name and pass code. Please note that you will have 2 weeks to complete this course.

Upon successfully completing the exam you will be able to issue a certificate which must be signed by your employer. This certificate must be immediately available upon request.

A record of your successful completion will also be registered in the CODL system so you and your supervisor have an easy reference source to determine when you will require refresher training.


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Transport des Matières Dangereuses
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