Lab Safety Training



This training will provide instructions regarding safe laboratory practices.

Mandatory for all persons working in laboratories including term employees and those working by grant.

This self-guided workshop serves as a basic introduction to general laboratory safety measures and is intended as a starting point for the workplace‑specific training that is to be provided by your supervisor and/or other University services. The content in this workshop is based on the Laboratory Safety Manual as well as organizational health and safety programs and procedures.

* Please note that this course is not intended for students in civil engineering (CVG), mechanical engineering (MCG) or electrical engineering and computer science (EECS).  Students in these programs should take Dry Lab Risk Management training instead.  For further information, contact the Faculty of Engineering’s Health Safety and Risk Manager at


Bureau de la dirigeante principale de la gestion des risques
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Si vous avez des besoins en matière d’accessibilité, veuillez communiquer avec le service qui offre l’atelier (voir votre invitation pour les coordonnées).
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