Radiation Safety Training - For Users



All persons working with radioisotopes
(3 hour duration)

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Non Users - contact rad.safety@uottawa.ca

This training is designed for all users of radioactive materials and must be renewed regularly. Topics covered in this course include:

  • physical and biological characteristics of radiation;
  • risk analysis;
  • operational procedures; and
  • safe work practices.

Note: Training is required by the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) for all radioisotope users. CNSC controls the University's site license and monitors our activities regularly. 


  • Interim Training - contact rad.safety@uottawa.ca
  • A User Registration Form must be completed and sent to ORM. Approval is required prior to being authorized to work with radioactive material (Form available from rad.safety@uottawa.ca

For more information

Tel: 613-562-5892 X3057

Email: rad.safety@uottawa.ca


ORM, Radiation and Biosafety


ORM, Radiation and Biosafety
1 Nicholas Street; 840
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