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Biohazardous Materials User Registration (BMUR) form, are mandatory for all personnel working with biohazardous material (RG2 and RG3 biological material).

The Biosafety Training – For Users is provided 3 times per year at the beginning of each academic semester (i.e. Jan, May and Sept). This training, as well as submission of a 

To download the BMUR form, please check the University of Ottawa Biosafety web page

If you cannot find an available session on this website, please go to the Biosafety web page and follow the Interim Training Requirements.

For non-regulated biological material (RG1) users, one can take the PHAC’s online training Introduction to Biosafety. This training provides an overview of the biosafety issues and tests the comprehensiveness of the individual. One can receive a participation certificate after the training and provide it to the PI.

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ORM, Radiation and Biosafety

ORM, Radiation and Biosafety
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