Knowledge Mobilization in Research



Better understand KM process and find out what support exists.

Knowledge mobilization means promoting and facilitating the use of research among knowledge users to help them make informed decisions about policies, programs, practices and behaviours. It involves a wide range of activities such as knowledge synthesis, dissemination, and co-creation by researchers and knowledge users. It's also becoming increasingly important to engage in KMb activities as researchers - it's a priority of the University of Ottawa and other post-secondary institutions and a requirement for many research funding program. This workshop will allow you to 1) better understand the knowledge mobilization process and its importance, benefits and role in the research process; 2) know the resources available at the University of Ottawa to support knowledge mobilization efforts and 3) learn how to properly plan your knowledge mobilization activities.

Centre for Academic Leadership


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Mobilisation des connaissances en recherche
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Deadline: Friday December 3, 2021