Writing Days for Keeners



For everyone who loves writing in the company of others!

* Our services are offered to University of Ottawa full-time professors (tenured or tenure-track) only.

The Centre for Academic Leadership has set up a writing room on Mondays and Fridays.

From 8:30 to 17:00, you can write in the company of your colleagues in room 306 at 30 Stewart, unless we indicate otherwise. 

The writing room can accommodate 12 professors daily. The room has beautiful natural light and adjustable chairs to make each workstation more ergonomic. We also have a small lounge with sofas and armchairs which will be perfect for the well-deserved lunch break; you will also find a coffee machine, a kettle, a fridge and a microwave in this lounge.

The schedule is very flexible, you attend when you want to. However, you are required to reserve your place as we can only accommodate 12 professors on a daily basis. This will also enable you to plan your day and your writing projects better. 

Don’t forget to bring your reusable mug, as well as snacks and your lunch.

Centre for Academic Leadership



More information

This workshop is bilingual, which means French, English or both languages will be used, depending the preference of the participants.

Therefore, you must be able to understand and follow instructions in both official languages.

However, you are free to ask questions in the official language of your choice and will be answered in that language.

  • Regular Academic - APUO
  • Regular Academic - Non APUO
Delivery mode
In class
If you have any accessibility needs, please contact the service offering the workshop as soon as possible so we can ensure your accessibility needs are met (see your invitation for contact information
  • 30 Stewart (306)

 5 of 12 seats available

  • 30 Stewart (306)

 6 of 12 seats available

  • 30 Stewart (306)

 7 of 12 seats available

  • 30 Stewart (306)

 8 of 12 seats available

  • 30 Stewart (306)

 5 of 12 seats available