Draw Me Your Research Program!



Draw Me Your Research Program

Every professor wishes to have a research program that will lead to get tenure and/or promotion. To do this, faculty must be able to clearly explain what their research program is, how it contributes to the advancement of research in their field, and how they will develop this innovative research program in the coming years.

Yet, many professors have difficulty explaining exactly what their research program is about - partly explaining why they get exhausted and their efforts are not focused. During this three-hour workshop, you will design your research program, present it to a colleague, and leave with a plan for the next five years.

Centre for Academic Leadership



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This workshop is bilingual, which means French, English or both languages will be used, depending the preference of the participants.

Therefore, you must be able to understand and follow instructions in both official languages.

However, you are free to ask questions in the official language of your choice and will be answered in that language.

  • Regular Academic - APUO
  • Regular Academic - Non APUO
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In class
If you have any accessibility needs, please contact the service offering the workshop as soon as possible so we can ensure your accessibility needs are met (see your invitation for contact information
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